Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard’s crowdfund is going VERY well today. I’ve put in a little as I can’t resist swag and/or merch!

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Is it possible to get this thread changed to Money Dashboard rather than Money DB? They are getting some proper traction and might just help people find the topic? Thanks

Sorry can’t seem to edit it.
I wish they wouldn’t launch these at the end of the month. I would have put more in after payday.

There’s another thread with that title here: Money Dashboard

Maybe someone from the Coral Crew can help merge the threads - @Peter_G , @Rat_au_van etc.


The largest investment was £1m as well so that was most of the money they wanted.

Crikey, who has that sort of money…?

I’ve just had a notification that they have reached their investment target but remain open to investment

I’ve edited the name - the ‘with a space version’ is already taken.

I’m not sure if merging the two will mess up the timeline, I’ve asked more experienced CC to take a look.

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Just came across money dashboard after using Emma for a while. Emma is great but lacking a lot of the cards I use so a lot of missing data.

Installed Money DB today and have all of my finances in one place. Awesome!! Well almost all just missing Transferwise but I only use this for money transfers so no big loss!

Aqua/Amazon and Revolut now on my dashboard that were missing on Emma. If they catch up that would be good.

Not sure how Tesco bank will refresh tomorrow. Had to remove it from Emma as it asked for the OTA every day.
Hope it remains active on Money Dashboard.

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Had same issue with TB until recently when for some reason I am no longer required to enter a OTP. I think it only updates once in 24 hours. Stable now for about a week. R-

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On cards with balance transfers at 0% is there a way of tagging specific cards with the final date of 0% rate I wonder. This would be useful.

Had anyone noticed that direct debits from Monzo don’t show the merchant name?

It’s a long-standing problem I’ve had with MD. They only have one field for ‘Description’ but the data they get from Monzo has two fields for Merchant and Reference. MD are just plonking the Reference into the Description field.

I requested long ago that they compromise and merge the two fields so the Description field would read ‘[merchant] - [reference]’ but they didn’t seem keen for whatever reason.

Just noticed the dates on the MD web version are 1 day behind the same app transactions. Very odd and had me confused at first.

Does anyone else have a days difference on the transactions between the app and the web dashboard?

My transactions made today on the app show as the 10th but on the web show the 9th!!

@yonny24 Hi! Sean from the MD team here. Not sure if this issue is still happening for you (I hadn’t seen the new posts on this thread until now), but if it is could you give the team a shout please? Happy to connect you to our support team if you give us a DM on Twitter.

@hdwrng As far as I know, we don’t receive merchant information for Monzo direct debits via the API but we are in contact with the Monzo team to see if getting that data will be possible in the near future! The amount of tagging you need to do can be minimised if you use our “Tag similar transactions” option each time a new DD appears so that we can apply the same tag for you on a repeat transaction. Hope that helps for now.

Revisiting Money Dashboard as I set it up a few months ago but stopped using it.

Looking at it today, I can see older Monzo Pots listed that no longer exist. How do I quickly remove these?? I can see option to do one at a time, but the list is long? Why is this not sync’d with Monzo??

The result is that MoneyDashboard thinks I have a lot more money in Pots than I do as it includes a few larger ones that I deleted (holiday funds, etc).

You have to do them one at a time, I’m afraid.

I brought this up with them when their Monzo link was in beta and was told they would fix it. That was … some time ago.

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Fair enough. Might be quicker unlinking and relinking Monzo!

My Money Dashboard has a ‘Use Open Banking’ button next to my Monzo account but, when I click on it, I get a white screen with “User Authentication Required” in the centre but nothing else happens.

I have successfully enabled Open Banking with my other accounts (e.g. Nationwide).

Are there any plans to add Monese to Money Dashboard and will non-UK banks and building societies be supported in the future. I have accounts with AIB in Ireland which I would like to see on my dashboard.