Integrate with money dashboard

(Stuart Alexander) #1

Maybe this is a feature for (which I’m also requesting), but would be good to coordinate with them as right now I can’t see my transactions that I do via mondo and I want to get that data out.

(Daniel) #2

I’m also a Money Dashboard user, and have also requested that MD include Mondo in their aggregating software. Would be great if this functionality can be introduced!

(Tristan Thomas) #3

If MoneyDashboard are keen, point them towards our API – we’re more than happy to help :slight_smile:

(Richard) #4

Apologies If I am opening old wounds :innocent: but I’ve started using Money Dashboard a fair bit. I am currently a current account tester :muscle:t2: but MOnzo is not one of the banks MD support, would be an issue when I fully switch everything if I want it to be meaningful. Alternatively, Monzo can make the analysis and granular tagging as good as MD and I won’t meed to :slight_smile: Effectively I am wondering why Monzo don’t come up as a bank with them…

(Sean M) #5

I’m also a user of Money Dashboard and have just received my Monzo Current Account. Is there any more news on an Integration? I have asked at Money Dashboard and they have confirmed that they WILL be adding Monzo to their system, but didn’t have much more information than that.

(Lloyd) #6

Yeah keen to use the 2 together. It seems like such a natural partnership.

How could we help to facilitate the partnership as a user?