Monzo Plus: Manually add other accounts for those that aren’t supported

This would mean that we can have balances represented in Monzo that currently aren’t supported to be added, e.g. ISAs or other savings accounts - or even cash for people really keen with budgeting

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Thanks, first post here!

Great suggestion.

Money Dashboard already do this, and whilst it’s not ideal it definitely helps. I currently use it from my ISAs and other savings accounts they aren’t supported with OB.


You might have accidentally given me a reason to move away from Monzo Plus… let’s hope they add this as a feature in the next three months :grimacing:

So. I am fairly sure from reading some of the stuff about US app development that Monzo were actively looking into/building the ability for US users to track cash spend in the app by manually putting transactions in etc.

Presumably if this is still being worked on, this could be used to manually add other accounts and transactions too.

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Emma Pro already has manual accounts, albeit pretty basic at the moment. An update is supposedly in the pipeline.

It’s strange to me that Monzo seems to have decided to compete with aggregators like moneydashboard, Emma etc. I’m not sure monzo can really catch up