Able to link to budgeting apps

I’m sure a number of us here have multiple bank accounts/savings etc. I’d like to be able to link my Monzo account to a service like YouNeedABudget and have it automatically link to all my spending there. Most other banks seem to be able to do this so I’m sure Monzo could too!

I like the integration with Emma but would really like to see it usable with Money Dashboard; that’s got the best tagging functions but no Monzo as yet.

A quick look on Twitter shows this tweet, which implies something may be in the offing. Who knows when, though.


Ooh, thanks. Hopefully not too long.

The great thing about Emma is how it handles Monzo Pots and Starling Goals. Well thought out and well displayed.

That tweet was about 1.5yrs ago though sadly

I love Emma, and I hope one day (soon) Monzo can replace it. That would be a true financial control centre


Of the 7+ current accounts I had, YNAB only supported 1 for direct import (NatWest). Being US based I imagine they don’t care much for adding UK bank support at the moment either.

I’m currently using to import my transactions automatically into YNAB. It does involve signing up to Heroku (free) and setting up a webhook on the Monzo developer api.

I can’t figure out how to make this work? The web hook thing seems complicated…