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(Sean MacNicol) #21

Hi there, Sean from the Money Dashboard team here. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t receive merchant information for Monzo direct debits via the API. We’re in contact with the Monzo team to see if getting that data will be possible in the near future!


Hi Sean, thanks for resolving this. There seems to be another issue. When a transaction is declined, it still shows up in the transactions list as a debit. The balance is still correct, but if I then go and pay the declined amount manually, it shows up as two separate transactions in my budgets. All it needs is for transactions that were declined not to show up at all. It would also be helpful if the transactions section could show a running balance.

KInd regards


(Sean MacNicol) #23

Hi Robert, thanks for highlighting. At the moment we pull in all transactions, even if they’re marked as declined. It looks like the Monzo API does include a ‘decline_reason’ field so we could feasibly exclude these if that would be helpful for you and others.

I’ll flag this with our tech and design team to see what the best solution is - and If any others in this thread feel the same it would be great to get that feedback to influence how we approach handling declined transactions.

In the meantime, if you’re getting duplicates one workaround would be to use our duplicate removal feature on the web app transactions page so you don’t get any double counting problems.