Mondo Crashing - iOS 10

(Hrach Ghapantsyan) #1

Just to let you guys know, Mondo is crashing on iOS 10 beta 1.


Thanks for the update, was waiting for the public beta in a few weeks as I use it on my main device but might give it a miss!

(James Billingham) #3

Seems to be working fine for me on iOS 10.

If you can, dig out the crash logs - they’ll be useful for diagnosing what the problem is.

(lee) #4

Even more reason to look at Apple Pay though now…


Works fine for me on iOS 10 as well.

(Hrach Ghapantsyan) #6

I was able to stop it from crashing, it seems to actually be because of the App Store and TestFlight… Anyway, all I had to do was delete it and download it again. Problem solved :wink:

(Adam) #7

No issues for me on iOS 10 b1. iPhone 6S+


Yep all working fine here on 6 Plus, love the mondo widget too!

(Adam Hockley) #9

no crash for mondo here app working fine as it has done on ios 9