Bug - App crashes when clicking 'close' in the send money tab

(Oliver strong) #1

Bug found at the send money section. When at the adding a message to send as part of the payment to a contact instead of clicking send you click close the whole app will shut instead of just going back to the main menu


I noticed this the other day. It doesn’t happen if you search for the contact instead of scrolling.

Edit: I’m on the latest test flight version now and it seems to be fixed.

(Oliver strong) #3

I’ve noticed the crash whilst searching and scrolling??:beetle:


Huh. I was wrong, it is still there. I hadn’t had it crash when searching for the contact before but I just tried it and it is happening now. I can’t get it to be consistent. One time the app will close but the next it will be fine.

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Hey guys, we’re struggling to reproduce this? Have you got any steps that reliably reproduce this? :slight_smile:


I just had a look. I scrolled to the contact, put in 10, tapped on the text field and then pressed cancel. It worked fine the first time but on the second the app closed. I then force closed the app and tried again. This time it only closed the app after clicking cancel for the 4th time. I’m struggling to find something that always causes it to happen.

I’m using the iOS 10 beta, could it be to do with that?


I just tried it using another phone (iPhone 6 on iOS 9.3.4) and don’t get the issue so i assume it must be down to the iOS 10 beta?

(Oliver strong) #8

I can provide steps if you still need, I can also confirm im running ios10 beta on iPhone 6. Im very interested in testing any possible new builds you have rolled out via Test Flight etc. Great job to everyone at Mondo!!

(Terry) #9

I have managed to replicate this on iOS 10 Public Beta 5 using the latest TestFlight version of Mondo.

Click Send Money, select a contact, type in the amount you want to send, click into the message field, then click on cancel. The app will crash.

(Oliver strong) #10

Is it possible to get accepted into the Test Flight program for Mondo?

(Terry) #11

I believe Mondo is not accepting any new users.

(Adam) #12

@terryharman public b6 is out btw :wink:

(Terry) #13

I know :grin: my phones almost finished updating, I will update my findings once I’m back in :slight_smile:

EDIT: So my findings show that once updated to Public Beta 6, the app no longer crashes :slight_smile::yum: @tristan @Oliverstrong

(Adam) #14

Crashes on iOS 10 dev b7 :frowning:

iOS 10 dev beta 7 (14A5345a)
Mondo 1.6.1 #254.

Interestingly if you type the number it doesn’t crash.

(Oliver strong) #15

Can confirm the crash occurs on iOS 10 beta 6/7

(Terry) #16

Very odd, the app crashed for me every time on Public Beta 5, literally just updated to Public Beta 6 and no longer crashes. Odd. :confused:

EDIT: Ok, so I’ve just tried sending money to my contact about 50 times, the app crashed about 1 in 7 times, I can’t quite find a way to make it appear every time and it appears to be very random.

EDIT 2: Just had a look through my iOS logs and found a report, below is a snippet, I hope it helps!

Date/Time: 2016-08-19 19:26:46.1218 +0100
Launch Time: 2016-08-19 19:25:58.3839 +0100
OS Version: iPhone OS 10.0 (14A5345a)
Report Version: 104

Exception Subtype: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000010b96648
Triggered by Thread: 0

(Tristan Thomas) #17

Thanks all! We’ve fixed this in v 1.7 :slight_smile: (coming soon)

(Oliver strong) #18

Fab, I was hoping for 1.7 today? Far to excited to try out the new features!!

(Tristan Thomas) #19

Not quite that soon :slight_smile: We’ve got one more release in the middle (coming on Monday), then 1.7 (but it’s a real doozy :P)

(Oliver strong) #20

Patiently waiting for the next update :pray: