iOS 14 beta 4

If anyone has installed this, can you confirm if it has cured the Monzo crash that was apparent on Beta 3 ?

It’s maybe a bit better. Has still happened a few times but doesn’t seem as incessant.

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Still appears to crash every time I close it mine.


Doesn’t crash for me. Then again none of the betas have crashed ever for me so far :no_mouth:

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I think its about the Monzo app crashing a lot, rather than the beta. The iOS betas have been perfect for me as far as I can tell, but I had to go back to the app store version of Monzo as the Testflight version was constantly telling me it had crashed and would I like to report it to the developer.

Sorry I meant the Monzo app hasn’t crashed in any of the betas for me.

Still happens for me (TF) so I reverted back to the App Store version which doesn’t

It’s still crashing, it just doesn’t fire off a prompt from TestFlight to share the log.


I haven’t had any crashes on iOS 14 so far, I’m not using the test flight version of monzo though. I have noticed that the monzo app has started logging me out every now and then, not sure if that’s related.

I’m getting background crashing same as beta 3. Seems to happen at random times when any app is open (or no apps). I’m running the Testflight build.

It’s obviously the TestFlight version. Seems to be those on it suffering crashes.

Again, the non-TestFlight version is still crashing when being backgrounded on iOS 14 - it just doesn’t tell you like the TestFlight version does.

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How does that show then?

Go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data then pull the list down to reveal a search bar. Tap in ‘monzo’ and ta-da! there’s a crash log of every time Monzo has crashed recently.

You should have quite a few.

I use Outlook TestFlight app as well and that crashes upon close too, seems to be an iOS issue rather than the apps itself.

Quite right!

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