Does Mondo play nice with iOS10

(JoeO) #1

Hi Mondo-people

Just wondering if you have done any testing of the Mondo app with iOS10 yet?
I’m thinking of installing the public Beta but would definitely hesitate if the Mondo app is going to stop working…


Works fine for me, but the widget is a bit problematic. Not only Mondo’s however, it seems about 1/2 of them don’t load.
Weird enough, the same half sometimes loads and the other won’t.


All fine here on the dev beta, only issue is with Widgets however that looks like it’s an Apple bug and not an app bug.

(Phil) #4

I’ve been using it since the first developer beta, and haven’t seen any problems that aren’t iOS itself.

It is a beta after all…

(JoeO) #5

Cool thanks Guys.

How stable are you finding the beta generally?

(Herp Derp) #6

I had the widget issue on b2, do a network setting reset and it should work, did for me and they all load fine now.

(Phil) #7

Beta 1 was very crashy, beta 2 is much better all round. WatchOS 3 is a godsend too - it’s like having a new watch! (Arguably it’s what the Apple Watch should have been like in the first place).

(Herp Derp) #8

You like watchOS3!!!

It’s awful imo


Love WatchOS 3 so much. It’s far better now, love the activity tracking faces and improvements to workout tracking.

iOS b2 doesn’t seem as stable as b1 but you often find that with Apple betas and b3 will bring back some stability.

(Frank) #10

On b2 I am having issues with apps freezing for a few seconds. Eventually the app responds again but it’s frustrating. Also having issues with 3D Touch on notifications including quick reply. As for the :mondo: app overall it’s playing nice with this beta.

(Herp Derp) #11

I can’t send sketches to my friend on WOS2 and she can’t see the option to send to me now either also why do they come up in messages on iOS 10??

The whole thing seems a bit messy to me


Because the sketches system was so under used it’s been integrated in to iMessage and expanded so all iOS 10 users can use sketches and not just Watch users. You can send sketches on Watch as long as iOS 10 and Watch OS 3 are being used.