Mondo card top up

(Suryan Di Biase) #1

Hello. I wanted to ask about the plans you have after you get your banking licence. I currently love the way I get to top up the mondo card with the app using other cards. I especially love it because I get to top up trough prepaid cards (that I get with some broadband deal of other offers) and the prepaid card I have from a postal account in Italy (the ransfer is instant too!!!). Will there be any major changes to this method? With my Lloyds and Natwest bank accounts I cannot transfer money to my debit cards from prepaid cards, and transfers from my Italian account can take days.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey! When we get our licence, you probably won’t be ‘topping up’ anymore and instead it’ll be through bank transfer/salary paid in :slight_smile: I can see how that be more difficult for you though which is interesting – definitely something we’ll take in to account. Thanks!

(Suryan Di Biase) #3

It’s definitely one of my favourite feature of mondo. I leave between 4 worlds (UK, Italy, India and Japan) which makes it very useful I’ll be sad when it’s gone :slight_smile: thank you for replying.