Topping up via bank transfer, regular standing order

(Porscha R) #1

I clicked the top up via standing order page out of curiosity because the ‘tips and tricks’ page mentioned that you could set up a monthly standing order. When I go to the top up page it already had £100 selected as the amount to top up as that was what I initially topped up with (I only recieved my card today). I ignored that and clicked the top up by bank transfer button thinking that this would take me to a page to set up a regular standing order for future dates but instead it looks like it is just topping up my card again with £100 one off but just via bank transfer. I don’t want to top up again right now, do I need to contact my bank to cancel it? is there a way through the app to actually set up a regular standing order on a certain date each month or would I just take the details shown and go to my bank. I’m a bit confused now because I have no idea what I’ve done now.
Any insight?


Good evening Porscha,

You don’t need to do anything at all, Mondo don’t have your bank details so no payment will come out. As for actually setting it up at a later date, you do indeed set it up yourself with the details on that page.

I hope that helps.

(Porscha R) #3

Ah ok that makes sense haha! Great I’ll just set it up manually with those details then. Thanks for the reply!

(Nigel Laverick) #5

I would certainly use this feature. At the moment I have my current acc set to transfer an amount each month to my banks saving acc but I only really use it as a holding acc as money rarely stays in there more than a few months lol. The amount of interest is only pence so I would transfer it to my mondo acc instead if the regular transfer option was available. It would also link into the virtual acc idea as it would be good to seperate this money out from the rest of my acc money