Top Up by Bank Transfer?

Would be good if you could top up by bank transfer - most likely not that many people would use this but for people with multiple accounts and/or ones that don’t have a debit card (savings etc) it could be a handy way to top up your Mondo card.


We used to be able to do this… :wink:

Can it still be done? Would be a useful feature being that I like to have tidy accounts and currently can only transfer multiples of £10 to my Mondo account.

That or being able to top up random amounts on the app would be helpful.

I’m afraid for now we’re not allowing random amounts, here we wrote some of the reasons.

Let me ask you something, what do you mean by “tidy accounts”? Making them have rounded numbers? Is that something you’d like at the beginning of the month/week or something that you aim for after every use of the card?


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I’m just a bit OCD and like to leave my bank account on a round number rather than odd pence. It would have been nice to be able to top up £117.25 this morning for example but I had to settle on a £110 as this was the only option.

Just me being picky and a bit silly really I suppose.

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Do you mind if ask you if you do that with your other bank accounts/cards or is it because you’re considering your Mondo card like a pot or segregated account?

I wonder if this behaviour (that we’ve seen in already a number of people) would disappear the moment we are a bank and we offer full current accounts. As in, you can’t decide your salary so the numbers are always going to be “ugly”.

On the other hand I can see the same kind of issue the moment we offer pots/jars/goals, but that’s a different story and we’ll allow you to transfer exactly the amounts you want.

I currently have two bank accounts. A main account and a number 2 account.

All of my bills come out of my number 2 account and I also put surplus cash and salary in that account.
I’m paid four weekly so set myself a weekly budget of a nice round number and transfer that from my ‘number 2’ to my ‘number 1’

However. Sometimes I’ll nick a bit of money from the number 2 out of ‘next weeks budget’ and in order to stay balanced and on track instead of for example moving a nice round £200 I’ll move £195.26 to keep things in check.

So I’m using my Mondo card as my ‘Number 1’ or ‘Spending account’ at the moment and this weeks budget was up the wall due to topping up midweek so I just wanted to get the odd amount left in my budget onto here but I was unable to because of the ‘round numbers thing’

I’ve read the other thread you set up with the reasons why and agree with some other posters a ‘other amount’ button should be added which could lead to either a decimal keyboard or another load page for picky folk such as myself!

Hope this helps and isn’t to long winded.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain your thought process. It definitely makes a lot of sense.

I wonder how can we avoid you to even need to calculate those £195.26 manually. We’ve talked about bringing some kind of auto top up eventually. Will it work for you a feature that would ensure that at the beginning of every week you have exactly a defined amount (by auto topping up) as a way of basic budgeting?


I’ve got an idea of how this can be solved:

I’m also going to use my Mondo card as a weekly disposable budget card and it would be nice to, every Friday, round it up to say £150.

On the top up screen where it says ‘Your balance will be £xx.xx’, you could just tap that and then the title can become ‘What do you want you balance to be’, the selector can choose a round number for your total balance in £10/£50 intervals and the message below the selector can read ‘You will be topping up £87.52’ or whatever.

I hope this makes sense, this would be really useful for me anyway.


I also like having rounded numbers, more so in the account that I am transfering from. I have 4 bank accounts.

1 stand alone - goal saving
1 weekly living - budgeting
1 for bills - So I can track my outgoings
1 for savings/pay dump - so I can see how much I have left for each month.

For me I end up using the bills account when i’m out and about and make a large purchase that might be over my weekly budget, or I don’t want to impact my weekly budget. However when I go online and sort out my accounts, I like the account I borrowed from to be returned to a round number.

I would like arbitrary amount topups because (for example) I will pay for the week’s food shop and my partner will pay me half into my bank account and then I manually top up my Mondo card. We settle payments like this regularly and it would nice to topup the exact amount I was given rather than a rounded figure

Maybe we should get your partner a Mondo card so you can send payments directly between yourselves @alexbilbie :wink:

@tristan if that could be arranged that would be amazing :heart_eyes:?