Initial topup with Transferwise


a couple of days ago I attended a Monzo speech at Campus London where I was one of the lucky ten to get a new and shiny Monzo card directly from Tom.
I followed all the steps to activate the card until the topup card, where instead of using another debit card I used transferwise to top it up. I did it this way because I just moved to london from Norway and I want to avoid the huge fee charges in which I will incur if I had to do an international transfer from my current norvegian bank.
I used the Monzo bank details that I found here on the forums to send the money:

WDCS Re Focus
sort-code: 20-59-42
account nr: 13219585

Transferwise confirms that the money has been sent, but unfortunately on my app I am still stuck at the initial topup page, so I can’t contact support through the chat.
Should it be working an it is just a matter of time? Or am I completely wrong and the first topup has to be from a debit card?


in addition to a sortcode and account number for Monzo you needed to quote a reference (the shorter code on the front of the card, not the longer card number) so they can tie it up with your account

whereas card top up is instant, bank transfers take a day to be credited


Yeah, I forgot to mention that but I used it in the payment reference.
So that should not be the problem

(Alex Sherwood) #4

You can contact the support team by emailing or sending them a DM on Twitter. I’m sure they’ll be able to get this sorted for you quickly :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll get in touch with them then

(Simon B) #6

Hi there. Unfortunately the first top-up does have to be from a debit card. If this hasn’t already been looked at, please feel free to send me a private message on here with your registered email address and I’ll look into it.