Debit Card top is now back :-) Thanks

(Justin Campbell) #1

Thanks Monzo. Debit Card feature is now back all x

(Justin I'Onn) #2

I’ve just found the option, under the Card menu.

Can we only top-up in multiples of £10.00? I wanted to overtype it with an odd amount including pennies, because every penny helps! :grinning:

(Jolin) #3

Top-ups have always been in multiples of £10. This is another reason why Faster Payments from the other bank are superior: you can send the exact amount you want (even 1p) and it arrives instantly. :smile:

(Jake MacGregor) #4

I agree, I’ll probably always use bank transfer over top up for this reason


I just realised you could top-up your CA with the same card associated with that CA - useless but it costs money to Monzo when someone screws up and accidentally does that so would it be possibly to disable top-ups with your own cards? This can even be done client-side as presumably the client knows its own card number.

Also applies to by the way.

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