Top-up the card

(Darren) #1

So while the card has to be topped up, you need to give us instructions on how to top-up!

Also my suggestion is allow auto-top-up like London transport do with Oyster. If the amount of the card falls below a set value, say £20 then it automatically tops-up, but pulling from my bank say £100 (direct debit maybe?)


(Colin Robinson) #2

It’s so easy you’ve probably already worked it out - just use the Your Card at the top of the statement screen!

(Darren) #3

Nope I must be stupid. “Use the your card at the top of the statement screen”? I’m really not sure what you mean by this? What statement screen? On an atm?

(Darren) #4

You meant at the top of the Mondo app. Ok found it. I didn’t realise that touching those sections on the app did anything.