Mondo account access other than on your iPhone

(jeno) #1

Further to my review - I think it would be really cool if we had web access (on the website) to our Mondo account when we need to and our phone is inaccessible due to factors beyond our control.

Here are some possible scenarios:

  1. abroad and there is no internet connection/wi-fi connection and you do not want to pay internet roaming charges
  2. phone dies and you cannot access it for extended periods
  3. you lose your phone (and you’re not having a good day) or it dies and Apple can’t fix it
  4. you left your phone somewhere like a taxi, your ex’s home or the office charging

(Saveen) #2

I agree and raised a similar question here.

In summary, Mondo will be offering a web UI with limited functionality. This will provide a secondary means of access solution to these problems.

Except for your ex’s home scenario, in which case no bank can help you :smile:

(jeno) #3

Thanks Saveen, that’s why I am a firm believer in never burning bridges and always staying friends. Such an ideal world, eh?

(Saveen) #4


That’s sound advice from Jeno kids.

@tristan Perhaps we need a ‘Relationships’ category in this forum for answering questions like: who gets the coral coloured card when things turn sour?