Status of the Web Interface?



My phone recently broke and had to be sent for repair. This highlighted a serious problem with using Monzo for your main bank account: If you can’t access an android or IOS device, you cannot bank with Monzo.

I know this has been discussed before in March 2017, and at the time Monzo said they were developing a web interface. Fast-forward to today, what’s the status of that?

(I’m also aware of the API, and I did write a little command line client in Python, but dismissed this as the API keys are awkward to set up and they expire in a handful of hours.)


(Jack) #2

Hi @vext01 I believe an early version is coming within the next month, It’s featured here on Monzo’s big list of items they are working on in the near term.


Excellent, thanks for the swift reply!

(Hugh Wells) #4

Can confirm it’s coming soon! :eyes:

(Hugo Vieira) #5

Soon :tm: