Lost my phone cannot access account

I have lost my phone and cannot access my account

Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that.


If you’ve lost your phone. You can use web.Monzo.com to access your account. I believe you’ll still require your email and password for that account to access your account.

If you’ve got 2FA for your email and you don’t have another device with email access, you’re screwed…

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If you have access to any other device, you can login at web.monzo.com where you’ll be able to view your balance and transactions, and freeze your card if necessary.

If you’re on iOS you can log into iCloud.com on another device and temporarily disable Apple Pay, and mark your device as lost in Find My.

I’m not too familiar with Android, so hopefully someone else with experience will share what to do if you’re an android user.

Hope you find your phone!


Muhaha beat you to it! Yours is a bit more informative though!

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Is there something specific you wanted to ask about?

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Well that’s @Arthursmum judged :unamused:

I was assuming “he” is a “she”. Nice bit of Sunday support, eh?

I may be the exception here, but the first thing i’d do in this situation is look at the Banks website for help. Not go to a forum.

All the information, as usual, is perfectly laid out

Monzo Help - Lost Phone


I’m sure it was, but had you been genuinely asking the question, I doubt you’d find it funny.

I mean I was like the first person to post with helpful advice. My follow up with a joke. I was being helpful, then I made a joke.

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It’s in the community guidelines how to treat people here. As has been discussed many times over the last few days especially, you cannot expect people to read sarcasm or tone in posts. Best just to avoid doing it

Apologies for taking this further off course. Hopefully the OP get’s their situation resolved


I like your trying to school me on rules when none of them come close to the comment I posted. If you chose to take offence, that’s your choice. But it was a joke, I think for most it’s obvious. If your joke odometer is broken that’s not my problem.

The rule that’s even remotely close is the first which is 100% subjective. Depends where you live.

Everyone that’s posted after my joke had completely taken it too far. You didn’t like it, fair enough. Flag it, move on with your life. But in the communities traditional fashion, loads of people are personally insulted, making a comment condemning it and causing a bigger scene than needed.

Which is exactly what the problem, and ironically validated my original joke.

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I don’t know why folk are being so fractious of late.

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