Mobile verification not working

Hi, im trying to sign up to monzo but it keeps saying that my mobile number cant be verified. What do i do? Im looking to open a joint account for my partner and I.

Have you opened a Personal Account?
Has your partner opened a Personal Account?

A Joint Account can only be opened for 2 people who each have a Personal Account.

have you previously tried to sign up to monzo at any stage with the same email address or phone number you are using now?

This is the issue, im trying to open a personal account however the mobile verification is causing my problems

Kind Regards,

Hawa N Abdul-Hamid

Yes but i got as far as the video thing and I wasnt able to continue at the time

Kind Regards,

Hawa N Abdul-Hamid

thats the problem then

So try the log in option as your email is already linked

If that doesn’t work then try

If you weren’t able to continue at the video stage, it’s likely that your email address has been registered - BUT - the account has not been verified. Work through the steps here which may help;

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