Missing Transaction

hi there,
I recently transferred funds to a closed account by accident! I contacted my bank about the closed account but they insisted they couldn’t do anything for me and monzo would have to set up a ‘missing payment trace’ no one has gotten back to me yet regarding this! Has anyone experience anything similar?

Monzo support is very busy at the moment, If you marked your query as urgent they should get back to you within a few mins :slight_smile: .
Non urgent queries can take a number of hours to get a response.

They are hiring as fast as they can to get more support staff on board :sweat:

Hopefully they can sort this for you, I recently had a similar issue myself!

I’ve just had a switch that went wrong with HSBC transfering my balance, closing the account and then taking the DD HSBC mortgage payment from it in that order. It came up with reversal transaction the next day, no idea what funds paid it.

That’s with Direct Debits though, I don’t know about transfers but I would have thought something similar?