What's Monzo's process to handle erroneous bank transfers?

Background: I’ve just erroneously transferred money from my non-Monzo account to a wrong Monzo account. I’ve let my old bank know and they’re ‘looking into it’ (can take 20 days!!) and I may not get the money back.

What would Monzo’s process be now, once the other bank notifies them? How would they notify the other user of the error and hopefully get the money back?

I’m so frustrated that this has happened and that there’s not much I can do about it, even though I am a Monzo customer and could tell them everything they’d need to know about the transfer.

Have you tried getting in touch with support through the Monzo app? I don’t know if there’s anything we can do in this situation, but it’s worth asking!

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Hi Andy,

This will need to go through a Credit Payment Recovery (CPR) process that has to be initiated and led by the sending bank. If would still be a good idea to get in touch with us and provide us with the info. That way, when we get the CPR request from the initiating bank, we’ll already have a trail and be expecting it.


Thanks @tjvr , I did message support to start with but they’ve just said I need to contact my other bank and get them to perform a CPR (credit payment recovery), which I’ve done.

Thanks @simonb I’ll contact support again and let them know the details. :+1:


No problem. There’s likely nothing we can actually action before we get the CPR request, but we could at least leave a note on your account with the details, which might make it easier for the folks in our team that will be looking into it once we’ve received the CPR req :grinning:

Hope this gets resolved for you :crossed_fingers:


I’ve just received a call from HSBC anti-fraud. They asked me the usual questions and then if I’d like to cancel the transaction, to which I obviously said yes. Let’s see what happens next…


It looks like the money is back in my account :pray:. I don’t know if Monzo had anything to do with it, if the account number didn’t exist and it just bounced or if it was HSBC’s doing but I’m so happy! There’s definitely a lesson to be learnt here and I’m not gonna make that mistake again!

Thanks for the advice guys.


Is there a time limit on initiating a credit payment recovery?

I accidentally paid my local council £10 from my Monzo account several weeks ago - is there any hope of recovering it?

I don’t think there is any limit, from my reading and you may get lucky with getting your money back. The obvious problem with noticing weeks after is that you’ll never get your money back if the person has already spent it.

Hopefully the council has at least £10 in their account though so it’s worth a go.

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