MightAx, blown away within a weekend


I’m Alexie, a Software Developer from Cambridge and one day of Mondo was enough to convert me, and a weekend of it was enough to inspire me to write so many feature requests that I hit the limit (sorry).

I think the near term handy features should include:

Longer term, especially with banking license:

Hopefully you’ll forgive my flood of ideas.


Hey @MightyAx!

There’s already been a lot of discussion on the forum about these ideas that you may be interested in reading.

There’s some discussion on hiding transactions over here.

Grouping transactions has been discussed here and here.

Some ideas on savings are here, here, and in most detail here.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve liked and commented where appropriate. It’s interesting how we think of broadly similar ideas but sometimes with very different imagined “implantations”. Especially around virtual accounts.

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MightyAx/MightAx is a good idea for the new name of Mondo

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