Squishing transactions

I’d love an ability to “squish” transactions from the same merchant on the same day.

For example, I placed an order from Amazon and they shipped each item individually and they bill per package: so instead of one Amazon transaction showing (example) £120, I’ve got six individual transactions for £20. 07 .

It’ll be much nice for the feed to show just “Amazon - £120 [consisting of 6 transactions - click to expand]” by default.


I’d like it if Monzo could find some way to enrich the data… a link to the order page, or even a description (that would need a deal with amazon though). I get a bunch through at once sometimes that I literally don’t have a clue what they are (because my wife has put things on subscribe and safe).


Great idea! Related but possibly different, I’d also like to be able to link refunds with the transactions they’re refunding.
That use case is likely to have a load of transactions in between, but I guess this Amazon use case could do too, if the packages ship out at different times.

Yes! I’ve been low key agitating for this for ages:

It would make the feed much more manageable, I reckon. Hopefully something of this nature is on the cards soon…


+1 for this idea

This is such a good idea! I like it :blush:

I will pass it back to the product team!

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Agreed, it should be something nice and simple like if I wanted to squash four git commits together:

git rebase -i HEAD~4

Except, I’m not trying to squash git commits, I’m trying to squash Monzo commits because I just went on a Monzo spending spree, but regardless, it should be something equally easy, a quick simple way to squash transactions. Maybe even literally just copy the git rebase syntax (and interactive editor) when Monzocode (referred to in the last Open Office, so excited for it) is released?

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