Merchant Grouping

(James Billingham) #1

I’d like to make a feature suggestion.

It is common that you might buy make a couple of orders to a merchant, but Mondo displays the merchants differently - for understandable reasons.

I have many transactions listed as “Amazon”, but I have just one listed as “Amazon Digital Download” (from a Kindle purchase). Of course, these are considered by the app to be two completely separate merchants - so they’re not combined for the purpose of averaging & total spend.

As a user, I understand why this behavior happens, but it still seems wrong.

One option would be to just reclassify “Amazon Digital Download” as “Amazon”. In this case, I think that would be appropriate. But as a rule, I think this is probably not a sufficiently flexible solution, and could cause confusion in some cases.

An alternative approach might be to have some kind of “sub-merchant” or extra information on the transaction to differentiate them. Perhaps it might say “Amazon”, then “Digital Download” in the subtitle/note. I think this might be a good pattern for various other cases, too:

  • PayPal/similar: maybe you’d see both “PayPal” and the name of the person/business you sent money to
  • train groups: perhaps it might show “Atos Train Services” (who run the payment machines) and “Transpennine Express”

So I think for the main/large merchant name, simpler is better, but I think the extra more detailed information should still be available in some way too.

Consolidating Merchants
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(Tristan Thomas) #2

Thanks James! PayPal is a good example of one that can be quite confusing and I’m seeing the same thing with Google Play Store purchases which we could display as the app maker’s name or just as Google Play. We’re thinking about the best way to do these at the moment - I like your suggestion of having a ‘sub-headline’ :slight_smile: We’ll probably work out a better way to do these when we’re all back in the office in the New Year - please let us know if there are any other good examples of merchants with this issue. Thanks!