Group spending into trip / event

First of all - sorry if this has been covered but I couldn’t find it…

I’d like the idea of being able to tag purchases as attached to an event or a trip. I know how much my Glastonbury tickets cost but how much was the travel there, the snacks on the train, the food I bought to take, the food/drink whilst I’m there etc… the larger picture is probably a lot more

It’s probably an extension of the Expenses idea - there are sub pots of spending that I want to collate together or view the breakdown of. Whilst I was away from {home city} what did my spending look like?

Or - I spend a lot of time kayaking - I know how much the kit costs me but what about the fuel to get to the rivers / food I eat there/ beers in the pub afterwards… what does it all cost?

Anyone else think similar?


while not ideal - you can tag any spent amount - as Glastonbury or Kayak and search at a later date

Referring to the title about group spending.

Being the geek that i am, i have seen so many of these group buying idea’s. The bbc’s click program has featured group buying companies for many years now. Problem was there was not enough usage for it to be viable because of drain on resources. Pay By Group is a startup that has had some success.

This could be used towards a lads holiday etc.

This would be really useful. I’d like to be able to add multiple categories. I.e. the standard automatic category + manual trip name or something, or even automatically tagged as ‘Greece’ if all the transactions were there.

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Manually adding categories would be really, really useful.

I use YNAB for budgeting and it would be truly awesome if there was integration in the categorisation of my :mondo: card transactions with categories in my YNAB budget file. Sadly that’s probably unlikely to happen anytime soon given those lovely people at Mondo have an awful lot of work ahead of them in just becoming a “proper” bank.

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Do you use the web version or the desktop app version? I can there being a possibility to create a third party app that takes your OFX file, adjusts it to match your YNAB setup and then you can import that.

I use the desktop version (aka YNAB 4 Classic). To be honest, having to go through a manual process of extracting a OFX which I then import into YNAB is probably more hassle than it’s really worth - certainly whilst Mondo is still building the bank. Currently I use my :mondo: card for day-to-day spending, but even on a very busy day that’s what… 5 or 6 card transactions? It takes moments to key them into YNAB desktop. However once direct debits are supported along with all the functionality of a fully-fledged bank then some link between the two could be very welcome indeed.

My YNAB budget is considerably more granular than the 10 categories provided by the :mondo: App too, so that’s just an added complication.

I’m also aware the development roadmap includes basic budgeting in the near term (next 3 months), so depending on how that pans out I may be able to use that functionality for budgeting my day-to-day spends instead of using YNAB (with more strategic stuff staying in YNAB). It going to be an exciting time, I think! :nerd:

This is a great idea, figuring out how much a one off trip actually costs, or finding out how much a specific hobby costs me a month or year would be great for setting budgets.