Metro Bank Corporate Support

Currently unable to transfer to the Monzo current account from a Metrobank (Corporate) account.

Spoke to an agent on the phone who spoke to their payments team and the feedback was they don’t always support challenger banks. Seems strange to me, is it just a matter of waiting for them to catch up?

Could I ask that you provide a little more detail through in-app chat in the current account app? We’ll take a look and see what we can do here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I paid my expenses early today, which is a transfer from Metrobank to my Monzo account. I also pay my salary from Metro into Monzo and have made previous payments.

This is a business account (23-05-80)

Curious :thinking:

I’ve sent a message to the in-app support, let’s see what happens.

I think they either have one sort code per branch or all over as that is the same as mine and I don’t have a business account there :eyes:

Metro bank don’t support challenger banks?!

It’s hardly like Metro bank are a traditional legacy bank. I think they like the title of challenger bank themselves!!!


They don’t need to. They just need the sort code and account number, know that it is valid and to transfer the money there.

They can’t choose to exercise restrictive practices in order to block competition.


Sour grapes maybe. Monzo, Starling et al are forcing all of the banking competition to up their game, clearly some don’t like it too much?! Especially now the challenger banks are looking at business banking.

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I have had no problem paying from metro to monzo. I think you are seeing conspiracy where there is none

I’ve transfered back and forth no problem

Must just be you

We haven’t just yet gotten around to a deep investigation but to just to end the speculation, I do not believe this is in any way malicious or even intentional and it looks like Metro Bank Corporate may use a different system on the back end to their regular personal and business accounts. This is likely to be the cause of the issue but we’ll find out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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