Monzo premium card swallowed by atm 🏧

Hey guys

My Monzo metal premium card has been swallowed by 2 different atms :man_facepalming: Its because atms cant process the material, weight and thickness of the card. Its a risk using the card in many atms as the mechanisms seem to have trouble spitting card back out.

Anyway, i want a new metal card but i dont want to pay £50 again for an issue i didnt create!! Im already spending £15 per month for Monzo premium!

I love Monzo!! So i really hope someone can help :slight_smile:


You need to speak to Monzo through the app or phone, no-one here can help you as we are customers.


Search help for contact us


Hi Klyde,

In your Monzo app, go to Help >, search “Contact us” > Contacting support > Select the hyperlink under “Chat with us” to go straight through to Monzo who will direct you to the correct team.

Unfortunately none of us can help you here, although the weight and material of the card doesn’t tend to make a difference with most ATMs

Is this what the bank told you, or is it what you’re assuming since it has happened a couple of times now?

Can you speak to the ATM operator to retrieve your card? In the past where relatives’ cards got stuck they were able to go into branch, they opened up the back of the ATM and got the card out. That was a while ago, mind, so maybe it’s not the done thing anymore?

I’m sure ATM’s don’t scan the weight or materials of a card. So long as it’s the right shape and has the correct information on it then surely this is all that is required?

No matter the reason it swallowed it, you won’t be charged for a new card as per Monzo T&Cs


Reminds me that I am still shocked a stolen card isn’t replaced for free.


I recall Monzo saying if you use Monzo as your main bank and are entitled to the 2 free replacements a year, then you can opt to have a free replacement card sent out of the coral kind while still remaining a Premium customer.

With how many cards are stolen each year, I think its only fair the customer pays the £50 cost for a replacement as the metal card is a “nice to have” more than a “need to have”

If someone has reported a crime to the police and has a Crime Reference Number then I still do not think it fair to be charged for a card you’re paying for.

Of course I have no clue as to how much this would cost Monzo in reality (I suspect not exactly a great deal) but to me it’s a principle.

Especially if they would replace for an ATM swallowing the card. I don’t see how that isn’t close to a stolen one.


I can only suspect that in the instance of a greedy ATM, Monzo may pass on the cost of the replacement to the owner of the ATM - there must be some sort of thing in the background for Monzo to confirm its been swallowed and the customer isn’t just saying that.

Probably. I’m not likely to budge on my principle here though - a one man stand!

(I am also biased as a victim of having my phone (with cards in the back) swiped from me on the grand streets of London and given I like my metal card it would be a little kick in the teeth to have to cough up £50 for a replacement or continue to pay for it effectively monthly after I was a victim of crime).


Oh no, I’m in full agreement that if its stolen then you shouldn’t need to pay, but I can understand why its probably the case.

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On the plus side at least you have that phone insurance with your Premium, swings and roundabouts hahah

Well at the time I didn’t have a metal card but yes, thankfully my insurance paid out easily for a replacement.

Anyway… the OP presumably won’t be charged for this, and shouldn’t have the first time.

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Minor data point, but I frequently use my Premium card in ATMs and it hasn’t been swallowed yet.

(I shall now be mildly perturbed next time).

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There is a thread somewhere that I will try and find but I think the jist was that the premium card is a little thicker than others but still within the tolerances, so that shouldn’t be causing the issue.

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