Adding a contactless payment card to TfL account

Has anyone added their Monzo card to the “contactless payment cards” section on your TfL account?

It’s to track journey history paid by contactless. I’m wondering if it’ll also track journeys paid using that same card on Apple Pay. (To have fun with Express Transit!)

Anyone have any experience of that?

It worked for me.

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Yep I have done this as well! No problems at all, one thing it does do is show your card twice per different device/physical card. So mine shows twice as I have used my physical card and also in Apple Pay, so they just appear twice that’s all.

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Yeah, that’s exactly why they let you add cards on there. It works with Apple Pay too, it links it back to your card that’s registered.

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Great! Thanks everyone!

Just to flag, though, that price capping doesn’t work across the card and Google/Apple Pay. They count as two different cards unfortunately :pensive:

But if you use the same method, eg card and card or Apple Pay and Apple Pay, that should work because it equates to the same card?

Yes. As long as you use the same card or device all the time then the capping will work.

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So long as you don’t use your phone then your watch, or your personal phone then work phone.

With express transit on new iPhones, there’s no need to worry about phone dying now. Just try to always use the same device to ensure you don’t pay maximum daily fare and daily/weekly price calling kicks in.

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Not just twice but the number of ApplePay cards. Mine shows 4 times (work phone, personal phone, watch and physical card)