Different shaped ‘cards’

Just a though - is there any reason why Monzo couldn’t put the tap/nfc payment tech into something like a micro card format or even something like an iPhone case? On the tube every morning I don’t want to use Apple Pay because it’s slower but also it’s annoying to get my card out of my wallet. Perhaps this (or something like this) could become a Monzo plus perk? I still can’t work out what the plus benefit is yet…

Then you need to wait till TfL implement Express Transit.


Look, I just want to be able to pay with my Monzo coffee cup ok? :wink:


Are you saying Apple Pay is slower than tapping your card? That’s weird, shouldn’t it be the same speed? Are we talking ms or like a second difference. I’m on Android on a fairly avg Moto G6 Plus and it feels the same speed :man_shrugging:

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It’s just clunky - for one my iPhone 6 is quite slow, the double tap of the home button sometimes logs me into the phone rather than opens the wallet to pay, sometimes the fingerprint reader doesn’t work (especially if it’s been raining).

It’s funny to watch people trying to authorise Apple Pay with their thumbprint whilst simultaneously tapping to go through the gate.

They haven’t realised you can authorise the upcoming tap quite a way before you actually reach the gate.


Doesn’t the phone just have to be awake to pay?

Like at the lock screen it should just work?

Edit: so this might be why I’m confused if you need to use your thumb to Auth. On mine you just tap it like you would with a card no :+1: needed.

By “funny” you mean “infuriating” right?

For me it’s funny. I have a Rail Delivery Group (aka ATOC) card issued for my job which should simply contain the command ‘open the gate’ but there must be some sort of validation lookup because it’s slower than a regular Oystercard, debit card or mobile, from what I can tell. I routinely stand still at the gate for around two seconds before the gate opens.

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My TfL Staff Oyster is exactly the same. You would expect our own staff cards to work very efficiently… XD


That’s interesting. I don’t work for TfL, but I have a separate, work–issued Oystercard for the tube, and it’s lightning quick.

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I used to use an iPhone 6 on the tube and did just this. Just rest my thumb on the home button with arm outstretched, and by the time my body got to the gate, it was opening.

Phone NFC is slower than card NFC (which is slower than Oyster) but not by enough to actually make me not use it. Am using it on Android though and it does sound a bit less clunky.

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With Android you generally just have to have the screen on, whereas Apple Pay you need to double click, and try to avoid accidentally selecting a different card.

Non Oyster use is definitely slower. I need to pause after touching in before the gates open, I can’t just walk and touch.

Oh man I use my phone for like 99% of my payments, the 1% being ATM and Asda pumps.

If I had to put my thumb on every single time or unlock the screen that would be a real pain in the arse.

It’s not noticeably slower than tapping the :mondo: :credit_card: .

:android: 1-0 :green_apple: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wondering if the NFC field is stronger or a bigger contact surface in the phone design so not having to hit a sweet spot?

Is Oyster using a different communication than normal terminals? I don’t often visit London and use an Oyster card that I’ve had for years. If someone nicks it from my hand and runs then pfft, have my £3 credit.