Using Premium metal card on London buses

Is anyone else noticing issues using the metal card on contactless bus readers? In the past week I’ve been on 3 different buses and it’s not worked and I’ve ended up having to use another debit card.


Has it worked since somewhere else?

By not working do you mean declined or it hasn’t picked up the card?

Next time when on the bus company again, take a minute to try different angles and parts of the card reader.

Which bus company is this?

Current status: on a London bus, having tapped in with my Monzo metal card.


Mine’s been fine. I wonder if it’s the plastic sheeting that has been put in front of the drivers cab since covid.

Which “angle” did you use to tap in? 23°?

I find the best appraoch is the old “tap and swivel”, if you get a swooping motion that takes you through a 90 degree spread I always find that works.

But seriously, I’ve never had a problem with my metal card on the tube - the only thing I will say is I normally had my card stuck in my wallet and tap that face on the card reader - so I’ve had to turn my metal card “the wrong way round” in my wallet to do so.

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