Merge payees

I have various people who I have several account details saved in Monzo, but all under separate names. Is there a way to merge these payees?

Are you on Android?


A thousand times yes! I really hope that payee management is improved on iOS soon including payee merging :pray:


I guess on Android there is only one way which is:
‘Add bank account’ button when I choose the name who I would like to send money.

This way was a bit slowly to manage all my accounts under one name because I needed to write down all the numbers first.

If you go to the settings in the monzo app and then go to Monzo Labs you can enable “Merge Payees”.


Thank you!

It’s a new feature that’s why I didn’t see it there before. Anyway, I am happy with it, it’s working.


Interesting… I don’t see this in Monzo Labs. Only Monzo data export and share card replacements. :thinking:

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I think it’s only on Android and not iOS


I use Monzo on Android.
Plus I am beta tester, so maybe it’s a kind of beta feature?

Also on beta, but iOS. I guess maybe it’s an Android feature just now?

Yes it’s just an Android feature. I have both iOS and Android. The merge feature only works on Android, but if you do merge your payees on one device, it is duplicated on iOS.

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Do we know when is this feature coming to iOS? I would really like to tidy up my payees.

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Any updates on this coming to iOS? :frowning:

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No, it was made by employees in Monzo time so wan’t part of their roadmap. They said they could look into bringing it to iOS with enough requests but gauge on how many that would be.

Here’s just to hoping for a revamp of the Payee section after they’ve finished the just announced Budgeting revamp.

If this works, I’m tempted to find someone with an Android so I can log in and do some organising

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