Send money screen doesn't show account number!

Hey Monzo! That’s a personal struggle and thought it would belong under the feedback/ideas section :slight_smile:

So, imagine the following

  • I have a monzo account (obviously!)
  • I have a bank1 account with my full name!
  • I have a bank2 account with the same full name!
  • I transact with both banks from/o my monzo account

Whenever I try to send funds, it’s rather complicated to be certain about the account I’ve chosen, I can’t distinguish whether it’s bank1 or bank2 :frowning:

Path I’m following through the mobile app (android): click on Payments tab -> click on Pay
There I see my 2 accounts with the same full name, but not having account numbers as well, doesn’t allow me to identify for which bank is which

The only way to do it correctly is to go through: click on Payments tab -> don’t click on Pay
From there I can choose one my of two (randomly of course!) and it will present me the details and a send/request button

Could it be possible to add account numbers bellow/near holder names please? :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: sorry for that, I’m not certain whether there is an existing discussion already for that bit

My suggestion would be to use the Merge Payees Labs function to merge together your two accounts.

This means when you select Pay you should be presented with a single instance of your name, and when you click that, you’ll be presented with a list of all the accounts that you hold and you can choose the correct one.

I have mine as initials Nationwide, initials Santander, etc, so I can move money easily and it’s clear in my feed where it has gone.

Trouble with the Merge Payees feature, is your feed still just shows your name, so you have no simple view of what went where. Even more frustrating if in your lust of scheduled payments.


Hey, I like scheduled payments as much as the next guy, but let’s not go too far, OK? :laughing:


This bloody phone keeps changing my words.

Sooooo annoying.

Produces some interesting sentences for the recipient to decipher.

Recent one was Just in town, sent as Judy in town :man_shrugging::joy::rofl:

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Coincidentally I have done a similar thing.

I am first name N last name for my Nationwide account, and first name S last name for my Santander account.

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