iOS - Unable to merge Monzo & normal payee

A friend got monzo and I can see them in my list of Payee’s based on their mobile number. I also have their other bank account in my list manually added by me as a payee.
When I try to merge I get an error at the bottom saying the app is unable to merge the payees at this time.
This happens when trying to merge the other account payee into the monzo and also if I try it the other way.


OS: iOS 17.4
Device: iPhone 13 Pro
App Version: 5.64.0

Is it actually even possible to do that?

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Yeah if you go to edit the payee the option is there.

Never knew it was a thing (specifically merging monzo payees), however, I have just merged a monzo payee to external no issues.

iOS 17.4 latest TestFlight.

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Thanks, I have a joint account as well so not sure if that affects anything

I have a joint account and just merged one, worked no problem. I also didn’t know this was a feature lol.


iPhone settings, find monzo, at the bottom tap reset session and login again, might fix it without uninstall and restart, otherwise it’s that :upside_down_face:

Yeah I have not done the usual dance yet as its not a huge issue so I figured I would see if anyone else had it.

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The reset session is fairly quick, literally tap it then login again fresh.

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I can’t merge Monzo and non Monzo payees. I get an error message. I’m iOS

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You tried any of the above to resolve?

Not yet, I will hopefully get a chance to try tomorrow.

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