Merchant Data Corrections


How long is the wait to get these changed?

I have a debit card transaction from 27 Dec. The logo has been changed but not the merchant name.

I have a direct debit from 02 Jan. Neither the logo nor the name has been corrected.

How long do I wait?

(Nathan Steer) #1011

Monzo seem to be taking a lot longer than they used to with these right now. There’s been a reasonable amount of discussion about it here Merchant Data Corrections

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #1012

I do submit suggestions from Twitter and they usually are updated in a day or so but recently I keep noticing at points throughout the day that they keep appearing and then disappearing as though there is tinkering throughout the day at Monzo HQ.

Merchant logos would be a great thing to crowd-source from trusted users. I technically own a very small part of the bank as do many others, so why not allow investors rights to make these changes with a ban for abuse if it occurs? Just a thought.

(Michael) #1013

Shame that this has taken a slight backseat (or perceptively seems to have) since @RachelRaybould left. Does raise what I have said many times that this should be crowdsourced, or dedicated people (person?) should be hired for managing + updating this only - almost on a part time basis.

More than happy to discuss this further, but this will be a pain point within Monzo soon, and turn a lot of people off if not careful. It’s all about giving the perception of care, and if people have to wait weeks it’s not the right perception for new (and existing) customers.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #1014

Case in point, all of these showed up correctly this morning and are now just these ugly placeholders, whereas Sainsbury’s from Saturday is showing up correctly.

Bit of a mess really.

(Rachel Raybould) #1015

Ouch that doesn’t look nice at all. I’m sorry I can’t do anything anymore.

(Peter Shillito) #1016

So, from using the app in ropey signal areas, I feel confident in saying that the ones with initials in the placeholders actually have logos assigned, they’re just failing to load either due to ropey signal or due to a fault on Monzo’s end. You shouldn’t need to resubmit those. I recommend force quitting the app and then opening up again on a decent signal to see if they’ll load in properly.

The actual placeholder images are the ones with just the category icon (the one at the very bottom that looks like has the entertainment category icon). That one doesn’t have a logo.

(Matt Gogerly) #1017

Sounds like the manual changes are being overwritten by some automated system. Would explain the flickering back and forth.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #1018

Interesting and I suspect that you are right. I did successfully load the logos when on another network.

(AllanW) #1019


(Andrew Schofield) #1020

This roadchef one has been broken for ages (as in before March '18), and I’ve raised it multiple times, here and in-app, yet it is still broken.

It should be locked with:
Name: Roadchef
Logo: @roadchef
Location: None (because it is never known)

(Andrew Schofield) #1021

I get that too. From my transaction it has the store location twice in the transaction id, which is probably confusing things.

(Lancelot Payne) #1022

Something else that would be nice to get changed is this it’s a chicken place I go to every now and then but the merchant icon is a card when it should be a chicken.

Update: Also should be Pepe’s Piri Piri bit petty but I’ve sent that through so hopefully it will be updated.

(Andy) #1023

Those icons are all set manually in the backend so it’ll be unlikely done for small business etc

(Lancelot Payne) #1024

It’s a chain therefore I would hope it’s done they’ve been going for a while now.

(Alex Mayo) #1025

I’ve done quite a bit of remote work in the past and offered my help to Monzo with this issue, however as the processes is behind their VPNs and connected to their main infrastructure, they cannot outsource the process currently, which is unfortunate :slightly_frowning_face:.

@simonb cleared a few things up about the current delays which I’m grateful for!

The system in which merchant enrichments are done is held behind our security logins and VPN etc, the same place as support chats and customer data.

The delay will last for a few weeks at most. Whilst we were understaffed in our COps team, we employed a group of temps to work on merchant tasks. As we are now back at capacity (and potentially even over capacity for a few months) these tasks will be delegated out to new COps as part of their regular roles.

We’d love to build a system where the community could help out with correct merchant data but it’d need a complete re-write of the system.

I do know Monzo COps are probably working hard right now to get the enrichment back up to scratch, however I really do think that the processes behind enrichment need looking at, even if it means just one dev taking the project on for a few months. Not only would this benefit us as Monzo users, but it also frees up a portion of COps time which can be better used for customer service.

(James Murray-Ferris) #1026

I’m 100% with you there needs to be someone working on improving it. It probably wouldn’t take that long as you say a month or so for 1 dev

(Thomas Horne) #1027

All transactions done via the Wetherspoons app have lost their logo now. :frowning:


I have a couple from last week which haven’t updated yet - as well as an unenriched Lidl from Sunday. :scream::pensive:

(Rachel Raybould) #1029

Lidl seems to be a repeating problem with that :thinking: