Merchant Data Corrections


I used a Curve card for that transaction, which can’t have helped :frowning:

(Hugh Wells) #1031

@kieranmch has been working on some improvements in his spare time :+1:


Have we had any acknowledgement that Monzo have given up on this?

Should we resubmit changes?

(David Roberts) #1033

All transactions for the Northern Rail app seem to have changed to All Day Vending overnight

(James Murray-Ferris) #1034

I thought when this was questioned that this is more a reporting tool rather than something than can manage enrichment data?


I think Monzo is still committed to this. Do keep submitting changes!

(Although mine are still outstanding. Might have a little cry later).

(Hugh Wells) #1036

It’s one of the services used to manage merchant data :slight_smile:

(Rachel Raybould) #1037

Well that needs a send in to be checked. Does mean they are doing them though that’s good!

(Joe) #1038

Issue: Order number is displayed in the merchant name, meaning transactions do not stack correctly

At least with my local takeaway transactions come from “1994881 Perfect Fry” when the text at the bottom says “1994881 PERFECT FRY LEEDS GBR”.

1994881 is the order number and not part of the merchant name. This confuses Monzo as well putting a computer monitor next to it instead of :pizza:

Details to reproduce: Order a takeaway from FeedMeOnline
OS: Don’t think it matters?
Device: iOS
App Version: 2.29.0 #498

(Tom) #1039

If only Monzo had a dedicated staff member to process these, one who was really active on the forum and engaged with users to resolve issues… :thinking:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #1040

Someone from Monzo addressed this earlier in the topic:

(Nathan Steer) #1041

I’m sensing a bit of a theme in a lot of the recent comments in this thread :thinking: :joy:

(Lancelot Payne) #1042

So it seems to be happening again addresses jumping around for Pure Gym is there anyway to stop this or when the merchant data system tools get updated will this combat that just seems odd that it be an address one day then change the next. Also can’t be bothered with sending it in as it will only change again.

This is the vending machines that it’s happening with noticed it’s happening with the Coca Cola ones as well.

(Charlie) #1043

Monzo don’t care about merchant reviews anymore :disappointed:

(Lancelot Payne) #1044

I mean it’s getting updated here and there but not like it was before and when you do submit a correction the address literally gets changed again after a day or two it’s pointless at this point.

(Alex Mayo) #1045

It’s still worth sending in as it will get to the point where Monzo will have to implement some kind of automation as @Rika rightly pointed out here. I’m sure these reports are all kept and can be used in the future as a dataset for an intelligent Merchant Feedback system.

Heck, it would probably take me a month or two to scan over the data and automate a lot of the reviews. A simple points/ranking based system would work incredibly well. If a merchant receives 5-10+ similar suggestions for the address or logo then it is updated automatically. Depending on how many valid corrections a user has, this increases the chance of their review being accepted. If the merchant has had the same details for longer than 30 days and received multiple requests for it to be updated, only then will a human need to intervene to verify the correction. With regards to identifying merchants that are owned by a larger company (Wetherspoons in this example) then we can use geo data to run some searches and find out whether to show them as the name of the pub, or as a branch of Wetherspoons. I know payment references have been changing a fair bit recently (Uber etc) but again, I’m sure the current system can be improved upon. Some simple regular expressions will help identify payments and associate them with merchants.

Personally I would prefer to see this fixed or at least implemented in a more accurate way, before Monzo introduce any new features to their current accounts. Things like shared tabs and new categories are great, but when one of Monzo’s most visible features doesn’t work properly, it gets frustrating. I think this thread goes to show than it’s not an isolated issue to a handful of people.

(Alex Mayo) #1046

@kieranmch just posted an update, looks like things are coming along!

(Lancelot Payne) #1047

Looking good :slight_smile: seems promising.

(Joe) #1048

I have a feeling the PureGym case isn’t going to be resolved. The people who own the vending machines don’t look like they put much information between their machines on the transactions :confused:

Could be wrong, someone at Monzo needs to visit a bunch of PureGyms :joy:

(Rachel Raybould) #1049

It’s that or some people want the vending machines to be under the name PureGym and some want it under the machine company or something similar. It can happen unfortunately and you get stuck in that loop.