Merchant changing sale amount GAP clothing

Made 2 purchases of 2 items each throughout the day with GAP online. Each time the transaction went through my monzo app showed the correct amount and adjusted balance.

Later that day order #1 part dispatched one item as did order #2 this amended the purchase amounts on monzo and increased my balance. Last night part 2 of order #1 dispatched. But this hasn’t adjusted my sale value with monzo.???

How and why does this happen. I would prefer to show the transaction amount at time of sale and leave it at that. I currently have an inflated balance which I have to remember to keep.

Also as mentioned a pay at pump took 48 hours to go from £1 to correct value. I know it has been mentioned that monzo can’t adjust balances as it would cause more issues. Could there be a way that within the app the user could put a second balance to it to include expected transactions

As I understand it, the balances are adjusted when the merchant settles the transaction So Gap changed the value when they shipped the goods. There’s not really a lot Monzo can do about it as they have no way of knowing why the value changed.

Yep agree that it’s not in monzo hands. Just figuring out that when the rest of my order ships are they able to present a separate transaction or again change the original amount?

In almost all cases, they will present a separate transaction for the remainder of the order. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep seems the case as a third payment has hit this morning. Just need to see what the outstanding balance is to complete both transactions and ensure I have cleared balance. Just hoped that this sort of thing could be avoided as this is the drawback of my other current account. Balances go up and down daily and available never seems accurate.

Just an update. As far as they shopping is concerned, I have been and collected all my purchases from gap. My CA Is now showing three transactions, of which one says delayed from an earlier day. However I have still payed less than my original 2 purchases and I am left owing an amount and unsure when this will be taken??

In a few days it is likely that the merchant (Gap) will present the transaction for settlement with the correct amounts. The issue you’re seeing is essentially due to lazy programming on their part and is the downside (I guess) to Monzo showing you authorisations in real time - when merchants are lazy/do strange things it can be rather confusing! If the amounts haven’t settled down by the end of the week I suggest you contact in app chat and ask them to take a look.

Either way, I wouldn’t be too upset about paying less :wink:

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Agreed and understand that because of monzo real time it shows all the magic behind online pay,ents. As you said it also highlights the over complicated systems that merchants use. 2 transactions day one correctly showing then amended twice and now showing as three payments and a missing fourth. And as said if that’s the end of it win win. But I would ask what the length of time for liability is. I know this as a supplier in work has just tidied accounts and processed 2 invoices for me 7 months late with a 28 day payment request.

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That is an interesting question which I will defer to the Overlord that is @RichardR :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a thread discussing this issue here:

So from the other thread I can see that a six month period allowed to collect payment. That’s a pain. Which is why I think me as a user should be able to adjust balance within app. Not to change the actual balance but to just have a clear balance beside that helps to show actual when this happens.

Why not create a pot called owing to others and put it in there at least you can’t spend it

Is this currently possible on the current account app??

The problem is that the funds are also then not available to the card. So when the merchant eventually requests the final amount, if you don’t have a high enough balance in your main account, presumably the payment will bounce, even if you have the funds stashed in a Pot.

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