Wrong balance after DD payments

(Nick) #1

Last night I had a nice round balance. It was accurate.

This morning I had the first batch of new Direct Debit payments made from my account - all were expected to be made and for the right amounts.

The “Spent Today” adds up correctly, but the “Account Balance” is wrong. It is incorrect by the value of one of the DD’s. For example one of the DD’s is for £500 (made up amount) and the balance is not taking into account that £500 - it looks like I have £500 more than I actually do.

I’ve raised this with Customer Support and waiting to hear from them. Thought I’d raise it here should anyone else have a similar issue.

(David watson ) #2

Yeah I’ve messaged them my balance is to high then it should be after making 2 online transactions yesterday with Amazon…

(Nick) #3

Free money - nice one! :slight_smile:

(Andrew Schofield) #4

If you look at the transactions from the API does the running balance look correct?

(Nick) #5

How do I do that -???

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #6

follow the link put in your email details

(Andrew Schofield) #7

Goto developers.monzo.com

Once you login, in the request box enter /accounts?account_type=uk_retail and hit send.

Copy the id field from the result (this is your current account id).

Then enter /transactions?expand[]=merchant&account_id={copied_id} in the request box and hit send. That will list the transcations.

(Andrew Schofield) #8

Sorry, having tried that it doesn’t work :frowning: The CA apparently doesn’t populate the “account_balance” field in the transaction log which means the running balance isn’t available :frowning: :open_mouth:

(Nick) #9

ok thanks - looked a bit confusing. :slight_smile:

(Nick) #10

Balance now showing correct - maybe a transaction was waiting to be claimed?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #11

lol at least with legacy this would never had worried you how it was reported in your account until you got your next paper statement :slight_smile:

(David watson ) #12

My balance has corrected itself today after I made another transaction! :+1:

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