Apple Pay amount disparity

Wondering if anybody else has experienced this.

I used Apple Pay to make an online purchase. The amount presented to me and confirmed on the Apple Pay screen was for an amount lower (£1.66) than what has actually been debited from my Monzo account.

The actual amount charged was £4.94. On further inspection this discrepancy is because the Apple Pay confirmation screen excluded VAT and delivery costs.

Has anybody else experienced this before? Is this an issue Monzo can solve or is it the data presented by the merchant to Apple Pay?

I would edit your screen shot shows your address.

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Oops. Thanks.

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This’ll be down to the merchant’s usage of Apple Pay not showing everything that it should do. Monzo are only charging you what they’ve been told by the merchant. I’d reach out to the merchant & let them know that it’s inaccurate etc.

I’ve never had this before, but I think I’ve heard of it on the forum previously - maybe?


I’d say it was a merchant issue and nothing to do with Monzo. They’ve taken the amount they were told to

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I did have a search but couldn’t turn anything up. Maybe somebody more adept at searching the forum may find something.

Agreed it’s probably down to the merchant.