Meals thru the day

What have people had thru out the day to eat?

8am- protein shake

12pm- 3 whole eggs with 7 egg whites scrambled eggs with 15g low sugar ketchup

3pm- half a roast chicken on its own

5pm- protein shake

Tonight at 10 pm I will have a bit of vodka and half the left over roast chicken with some spinach
Mind you mine is a keto diet

A bit short of flavour. By a bit I mean there is none


I just stick to salt, pepper and garlic powder and low sugar ketchup and mustard, but I am use to it. Been doing it for 19 years

I do not have a routine for food I just eat what ever I feel like.

For breakfast/lunch I had left over Thai Green Curry that I made last night, for dnner later I will have Nasi Goreng.

What is Naso Goreng

Typo Nasi


Looks lovely, but a lot of ingredients.

Does it freeze well as I only cook for one?

Though I think I read somewhere that you should not freeze rice :frowning_face:

Never made it before first time tonight

:thinking: All the best :+1:

I take it you are a big fan of Asian food then

I like all food


That is a weird cocktail.


Breakfast: Jumbo porridge with strawberries, banana, blueberries, kiwi and honey.

Dinner: Carrot and Coriander soup

Tea: Chinese stir fry

Breakfast - sausage sandwich
Lunch - tuna jacket with salad
Tea (Cos I up north) - chicken fajita

Apple, banana & green grapes.

Not everyday I have a ‘treat’ breakfast.

Huel powder for breakfast, lunch, and mid afternoon, and this evening I’ll make a spiced lentil curry with sweet potato and spinach.

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Love a lentil curry.


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Mine on a day I work

3AM Coffee and Cigarette

8AM Sausage, Bacon, Egg Beans Hash Browns and Monster Ultra Zero

4PM Cottage pie or something else I can do a tray of, put it in the fridge and then microwave. (This is pizza on my work day before my days off)

When i’m not at work alot of ashai super dry and vodka at night

You wake up at 3am, what time you go bed then


I don’t sleep, when i’m not at work I stay up all night and sleep in the day.