Bagels 🥯

Completely unrelated to anything else going on right now but hopefully I can tap into the hive mind here. :brain: Also we all need a distraction piece at the moment.

I eat a bagel every day - it’s one of my great pleasures (I’m a simple soul). When you eat 7 bagels a week the same fillings get a little tired over time and I’m hoping y’all can share some fresh ideas with me! Couple of little requirements:

Savoury only (sweet bagels are odd)
Can’t involve a microwave, toaster or oven (I don’t own any of these).
Oh yeah - totally vegan options only :seedling:

I apologise but this is nothing to do with bagels (sort of) but I need to ask the question…

How do you make meals with no oven? Is everything done on a hob?

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Valid question. I do have a little electric hob but to be honest 80-90% of what I eat is raw anyway. The last few weeks my diet’s been like a weird mix of prehistoric hunter gatherer and Shoreditch hipster…


My bagel knowledge is limited to having a cream cheese, chives and salmon bagel every Christmas. :laughing:


Haha. That’s fine I just had to ask :smiley:

I’m going through a poached egg phase (since we now own our own chickens and the eggs taste sooo much better) so those on toasted bagels would be my choice. Not sure how you’d cook the eggs, or toast the bagel though :thinking:

My sister sent me this that she made, looked amazing … :eyes:

put the top of the bagel in frying pan and crack the egg into the hole cover with a lid and leave for 5 mins

Now I need bagels! :drooling_face:

Will probably substitute the insides for bacon though :laughing:

About seven years ago I had to poach 350 eggs for a Christmas Day service - I don’t think I’ve actually poached one since…

This does look like a tasty bagel!

Eggs, alas, are not vegan however!

Yea, totally missed the vegan part, my bad.

That’s my bad for suggesting eggs, I missed the vegan part!

At least you don’t have to re-live the horrific memories of poaching 350 though! :open_mouth:

I had some rather nice no chicken Quorn slices with some spicy picalili, red onion chutney and picked onions.

I’m going to have a houmous one Ruth same filings once my bagel delivery arrives

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You can toast a bagel on a hob by slicing it and putting the not-crust side face down on a dry hot frying pan.

Grated carrot and something wet (hummus, chutney (is vegan slaw a thing?))

EDIT: I forgot vegan cheese existed. Grated carrot and cheese is my favourite sandwich filling.

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Observing Ramadan and reading this thread isnt a good combination haha


I realise this is of absolutely no help to you OP, but I love mine with Nutella and peanut butter

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Get out




You guys don’t realise what you’re missing!

Alexa, add bagels to my shopping list.


This should be an instant ban :open_mouth::open_mouth: