Keto Diet Club ;-)

Hi All,

Thought I would create a little section on the forum for people doing the keto diet.

My favorite site is Diet Doctor, you do not need to sign up either.

I have also tried these on a 14 day the food is nice only issue I have is with 2 of the soups mushroom and Chicken Thai soup for me feels like they leave a coating on my teeth, disappears with water

Otherwise fine but a bit expensive

These are ok Fattbar

And these are ok to

I was on the keto diet a few months ago, really liked the Quest nutrition bars!

No insulin rising sweeteners and they’re quite tasty! :raised_hands:

Gonna try and get back on the wagon in the near future.

I have tried it for a couple of months without seeing results in body fat reduction so I went back to a normal diet. :frowning:

This will be the 3rd time for me :wink:

Lost 10kgs on each month i did it a couple of years ago.

Starting my 2nd week and doing exersice and already lost nearly 6kgs

Try the 2 week “trial” with Diet Dr :wink:

Thats how i started just repeated the free two weeks for the month and lost the weight, wife doing it at same time never ;:wink:

The quest bars contain which is on the "good section’ on Diet Doctor :wink:

Smints use this never give it to a dog :wink:

Been looking into these as a sweet snack also

Why did you both stop the diets the last time?


Skip the pesto.

I stopped because I missed bread :see_no_evil:

But also it requires a lot of time preparing food and I found it quite challenging when I was out of the house and my friends wanted to grab lunch or something!

1st time was a tester before family holiday to Tenerife, and the 96 cans of San Miguel put the weight back on :joy:

2nd time tried again with the wife but she didn’t like all the butter and again failed to loose any weight

It can be a bit expensive too, I am going to do it for the next 3 months to get down to 100kgs then start start to limit carbs but not a full Keto I.e. under 20g a day

Bought a muffin tin especially for these about 2 weeks ago and not made any :joy:

Been on it before, lose weight when I am on it, gain weight when I go off it.

I’ve just started very low carb at the moment. Can feel the adaptation coming on, but hopefully it will be mild.

I went keto in Jan, but basically because I fasted for 3 weeks! (Where fast means less than 600 calories a day). Lost 9kg, gained amazing energy and mental clarity.

Has anyone else tried whole30? I’ve done it a few times, it’s a useful way to find if you have any food intolerances.