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With the upcoming release of “Ant-Man & The Wasp”, and coming off the back of, in my opinion, three of the best MCU movies to date (Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, Infinity War), let’s kick off a discussion about all things MCU.

What are your favourites? Which ones are you looking forward to most?

Someone recently suggested that since James Gunn has been fired from Guardians of The Galaxy, they should get Taika Waititi to direct Guardians Vol 3 and I’ll be damned if that isn’t the best idea I’ve heard in ages :joy:

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I really liked Black Panther. Perfect balance of humour and no boring attempts at one-liners that fell flat with Ant-man and the Wasp. Great costumes and effects too. I didn’t see the first antman but the characters seemed to be OTT caricatures. I thought the title didn’t really capture what the film was about and he was pretty much a side character. I liked that there were prominent female characters but they didn’t really do much either?

I admittedly am quite rubbish with keeping up with movies so I have seen the Avengers ones and a couple here and there. I really liked Spiderman: Homecoming and think Tom Holland is a great choice for young Spiderman- but Tobey, imo, is the best Peter Parker. Didn’t really like Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord is annoying.

Next Avengers is gonna be :exploding_head: Somehow Strange knew it had to happen for the greater good imo. Loved Thor Ragnarok too, best one to date. Looking forward to Captain Marvel, apparently she’s more powerful than Thanos :wink: Excited for all the twos too, Black Panther, Spiderman, Strange. I think I’ll wear my Avengers T-shirt today :grin:

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OH BOY here we go.


Iron Man - (You’ve got to love the original, even if it’s formula was overdone a little in following movies).
Winter Soldier - The film that turned Captain America into a badass. Also gets kudos for really mixing things up irreparably.
GOTG - Gonna miss you James Gunn, but who would have thought we would be in a universe a decade ago where Guardians of the Galaxy made MORE than Justice League. To this day that fact blows my mind and Marvel’s trust in Gunn pretty much saved them here as GOTG was coming off of the back of a series of films with progressively duller colour palettes.

Other big favourites:
Avengers Assemble - Honestly this could be the spinning shot for an hour and a half and I’d still love it.
Iron Man 2 - Controversial, but this film is so much better now that we know where it’s plot threads go.
Iron Man 3 - Again, controversial. I hate that they didn’t make Rebecca Halls character the villain as I think that would have really saved the movie in some peoples eyes (especially due to the reasoning which is horrific). I actually loved the Mandarin twist but wasn’t a huge fan of the comics.
Infinity War - What’s not to love?
Ragnarok - The reason this is knocked from the top 3 is the last big Korg joke after the big… Event. Completely undermined the emotional impact for me in an otherwise crazy, amazing, hard hitting film.

Wider MCU:
I just can’t get into the Netflix series, I’ve tried with Daredevil twice and Defenders as well but they suffer way too much from the Netflix <nothing for half the series, then everything> season structure. I did watch all of Jessica Jones S1 though that I really enjoyed, but I’m a life long David Tennant fan.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Seriously watch this. Season 1s start is abysmally slow, so I’d recommend watching the pilot and skipping a few episodes personally but you do leave some important context out so, at your own risk.

However, it adds so much to the events of Winter Soldier especially and has some great tie ins with The Dark World, Age of Ultron and Infinity War.


Really struggled with the latest season! Ended not too bad but it was a tough watch in parts! Was a little surprised that they renewed for another season although very interesting that it’s not airing until after next avengers film

It definitely suffered a little from the reduced budget compared to previous seasons. But I thought it was overall strong!

I expect it will be due to Avengers ending consequences!

Yes indeed! Exciting to see what path it takes!

I love Mark Rufalo’s Hulk.

Absolute travesty that he’s not got his own trilogy!!!

Just back from seeing ant-man & the wasp! Very good, enjoyed it! Two post credit scenes. Seriously recommend staying for the first one!

Glad you enjoyed it. It’s had mixed reviews. Do you think it will still be on next week? I’m hoping to go see it

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Given it just came out yesterday in the UK it should be!

And by enjoy I don’t mean enjoyed on a scale like avengers or anything. It’s much more lighthearted and a bit silly

Oh blimey, I thought it had been out weeks already :joy: I couldn’t take it if all films were like AIW, I’d have a nervous breakdown! I like the jokey films too

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I have heard there might be a spin off film for Natasha Romanoff but won’t happen for at least 2 years.

The last series of AoS really wasn’t the best imo, looking forward to Ant Man & the Wasp though.

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Nice idea for an edit to Infinity War:



Love it!

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May split this out in to its own post

I see some very sad news coming out of the MCU - Stan Lee has passed away :sob:

Absolutely gutted about this



Gutted. Know he’d been very ill but looking for his Cameo is a key part of Marvel films :cry:


There was a story a while back that he’s pre-recorded a few ‘just in case’. Don’t know how true that is.