Avengers : Infinity War

(Simon B) #1

Trailer is out and looks amazing!

(MikeF) #2

I need to not be viewing this on my work machine! When can I stop work?

Looking forward to this. Marvel and Star Wars are about I find time for in cinema these days.

(Hugh) #3


Will have to make sure I go and see this when it comes out :smiley:

(Mark Edmonds) #4

As soon as it was up we put it up on one of the big screens in work! Looks amazing!

(Simon B) #5

We are just 6 weeks away. Between this and the amazing success of Black Panther, it’s a helluva year for Marvel.

I’m amped!!!

(#savetheseabass) #6

I’m counting the days!!!

Figured out my favourite Avenger does die from tweets about filming schedules but I’m going to ignore that til the second infinity wars film. Dying to know what Loki did with the Tesseract he stole in Ragnorak.

Also there’s still the sequels to Ant Man and Deadpool to go

(Adam Kendrew) #7

I still haven’t seen Ragnorak or Black Panther yet! :see_no_evil:

(#savetheseabass) #8

Haven’t seen Panther either,life got in the way, but get the Ragnorak dvd, it’s well worth it. I can’t watch the original Charlie and Chocolate factory without laughing now

(Simon B) #9

Both are phenomenal! I’d put both in my Top 5 MCU films.

(Adam Kendrew) #10

That’s a bold statement! I’ll have to grab the Thor DVD and get to the cinema :wink:

(James Amey) #11

We’re at a point where Black Panther could genuinely become the Marvel film that makes the most money and could possibly make more than Infinity War.

This is insane.

(Adam Kendrew) #12

I watched Thor last night @simonb and have to agree it was great. Lots of laugh out loud moments too!

Just need to get around to seeing Black Panther now :eyes:

(Brenda Wong) #13

I mean, everything about this trailer is fantastic (Spiderman’s new armour! RDJ being sad and about to do something silly and sacrificial! Thor and the Guardians! Wakanda!) , but I particularly appreciate the glory of Chris Evans’ beard as Rogue Cap.

(Simon B) #14

Taika Waititi as Korg should be in every Marvel film :+1:

(Jedihomer Townend) #15

I did start a petition about that, but I didn’t print enough flyers, so only my mum and her boyfriend signed it… and I don’t like him anyway…

(#savetheseabass) #16

I’m concerned he’ll end up with a top knot and a soy latte by the end of infinity wars 2

(Simon B) #17

Nothing wrong with that! (He says, sipping his soy latte) :wink:

(Brenda Wong) #18

Hear hear!

(Mark Edmonds) #19

New trailer confirmed for tomorrow!

(#savetheseabass) #20

It’s ridiculous how excited that just made me