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I don’t think that’s rumour. They knocked quite a few out in a block.

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Avengers 4 trailer will apparently be released at 2pm today… I really hope they don’t show too much as they really don’t need to!

(Paul) #24

Oh wow, really excited to see. But as you say, no need for spoilers in it

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They did a really good job with the Infinity War trailers. Captain Marvel ones are really hyping me up too.

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It’s here!

I love that this feels already like a bookend to Iron Man, with Tony being alone and having to try and work out how to get out of the situation with limited tech etc

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Omg! So some of the rumours look to be true

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Hawkeye is back and he has a sword - and he is extremely sad.

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There’s a theory that he goes real bad and this turns him into Ronin


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Also, half the universe gets erased and in his grief Captain America decides to shave off his beard at some stage? Better be a reason for that

Is the lack of beard a spoiler?


Maybe his beard floated off in the snap.

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Yes. Peggy Carter died.

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She died during civil war. He went to the funeral

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Yes. She was his beard.

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Whilst watching it/listening to it (I am working :wink: )… when Paul Rudd started speaking… I thought it was Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) :grimacing:

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I think she was his beard for sure, after he spent the whole of Civil War going against pretty much everyone that didn’t like Bucky

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I like to think of myself as not that prone to hyperbole, but that trailer looks preposterously awesome