Black Panther

(Simon B) #1

I am so excited for this movie!!! In many ways it’s the most noteworthy part of the modern superhero genre. A phenomenal achievement and culturally so incredibly important.

I’ll be seeing it as soon as possible!

(Leonard) #2

Yes Simon! :muscle:

I cannot stress how excited I am for this! Got tickets booked for the 13th and most definitely will be watching it multiple times in the cinema!

(Simon B) #3

I have heard that it’s already the biggest Marvel movie based on pre-sales. Amazing!

Don’t know if this is a spoiler since it’s in the trailer, but…

The simple idea of “El Dorado” being a technologically advanced city in Africa rather than a city of gold and treasure in South America is utter genius!

And just the concept of the very name of the movie and the character being a nod to the Black Panther movement makes me so happy. With everything going on in the US it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I grew close to the Shakur family when I made my Tupac documentary and have always been enamoured with the work and legacy of the Panthers. :facepunch:t6:

(Simon B) #5

So - I saw Black Panther last night and I was absolutely blown away.

It’s Top 3 in the entire MCU series so far, easily. Marvel just seem to be going from strength to strength.

I am literally struggling to find any valid criticism. The casting, the performances, the storyline, the editing, the pacing - everything was spot on. I was completely glued to it. Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan were both electrifying, Andy Serkis is of course stellar in everything he does, the casting of the always wonderful Angela Bassett (who I’ve loved ever since What’s Love Got To Do With It came out) was perfect, but the surprise star for me was Letitia Wright as Shuri! A brilliant performance, and I look forward to seeing what she does next.

It deserves every bit of praise and success it’s getting, and then some.

The post-credits scene with Bucky Barnes was brilliant too - nice to see him back and it looks like Shuri was able to remove all the Hydra programming from him…

Roll on Infinity War - the idea of other MCU characters getting to interact with Wakanda is an awesome thought!!

(Simon B) #6

This is as interesting take on Black Panther, that T’Challa can actually be viewed as the enemy.

(Ben Green) #7

Seeing on Friday night. Cannot effin wait!

(Simon B) #8

I honestly might go again. I absolutely loved it.

(Leonard) #9

I’ve seen it twice already and will definitely be going to see it again.

My friends & I actually had this same thought process that what [possible spoiler] Killmonger really wanted was to provide help and assistance to people that needed it and T’Challa was actively preventing this.