May Bank Holiday

I’m due to have a payment made via BACs to myself on the 4th of may. What date is this likely to be please because of bank holiday?


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The Bank Holiday will have no impact. It will be available at 4PM the day before.


That’s next wednesday - it should be available next Tuesday at 4pm for grabbing early - the bank holiday will have no impact

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Hi! I’ve just been told it’s now due on 3rd.
So will I get it on the 2nd at 4pm even though it’s bank holiday? Sorry I’m new to this

It’s 4PM the working day before. Which will be Friday if you’re supposed to be paid on Tuesday.

I ordered a new card but I don’t think that should affect my payslip appearing

I’m meant to get paided tomorrow but I can’t even see my payslip on the app

It’s nothing to do with Monzo.

You’re not seeing your pay for tomorrow because it hasn’t been sent to Monzo yet. There’s a whole host of reasons for what this might be, but until your payday has been and gone, there’s not a lot you can do.

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