August Bank Holiday

Hey everyone it’s bank Holliday on the 31st, my payday is meant to be the 31st But I have a question, as I am paid with BACS Will I be paid my normal date of the 30th at 4pm or will I get it earlier Than normal? Thank you

I believe as Monday is a Bank Holiday, your payday should shift to the previous working day which is Friday 28th which means you should be able to claim it on Thursday at 4pm.

I could be wrong, but that is my belief of how the BACs payment system works and Monzo.



This is correct but your employer should be able to confirm their processing dates

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This is how it has been anywhere I’ve ever worked.

If I’m meant to get aid on the Tuesday but get it on the Monday at 4ok on the app do I get it early due to bank holiday will i get it on the Monday still or the Friday


I’m meant to get paid on Tuesday 1st September, so normally I’ll get it on Monday what day will I get this due to bank holiday?

Friday 4pm

Get paid early is always the working day before at 4pm

Ok so I should get paid Friday

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Yes, that’s the working day before


Thank you

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As it’s bank holiday will my Tuesday money that gets paid in on a Monday at 4pm be paid Friday at 4pm ?

According to this thread, that’s a yes. :+1:t3:

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When will my payment show on my account? If I’m due it Tuesday but will get in Friday cuz of bank holiday?

You’re due to be paid on Friday? If so, it should show today.

If you’re due to be paid on Tuesday, you’ll see it in your feed tomorrow.

If it’s due on Tuesday the pay early day is Friday so it will show on Friday

Hi I’m due to be paid on the 1st sept, as the 31st is a bank holiday Monday and Monzo users receive the day before payment will I get my payment on the Friday before hand? Thanks Guys!

Yeah, you should see it pending tomorrow morning and be able to claim it at 4pm…

My incoming payment for Tuesday is already showing in the feed, with the ‘get paid early’ saying Friday 4pm. Impressive!