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Looks like the map needs a closer look guys!

Thanks Andy! I think the plan is to fix the zoom on to London - hopefully we’ll get that done next week :slight_smile:

I got a similar case for an ATM transaction in Coimbra, Portugal.
I’ve done two cash withdrawals on two different occasions on two different parts of the city. They were identified in a weird way so I reported updated details. Pinpointing the exact location on the map, and filling up full address.

On of then now shows the exact location with a reasonable zoom level, and the other is way zoomed out.

btw: When picking up a location on the map, it starts probably on a best guess for the reported address on the transaction. Which if the address is not properly formatted it gets to some random location. A way of reporting the actual location on the spot using the phone current GPS position would make de process a lot easier that having to manually move the map into position. :slight_smile:

Noticed this earlier. I’m puzzled as to why the map’s not more specific when the post code is there. (I was at kings cross)

Hi Miguel and Danny,

Thanks for bringing this up! The merchant data, and how it looks in your feed, is something we are working hard on making better and better, but there are definitely some things that are not perfect yet. :see_no_evil:

With ATMs, we have taken the decision to show an approximate location, based on the postcode (if we have it). Miguel, your first screenshot is what all ATMs should look like, assuming we have the postcode. Your second screenshot is an example of when we don’t get enough information to zoom the map in any closer. If you can provide a postcode or street address, and send it in via the new feedback form, we can update it for you :male_detective:.

Danny, your screenshot just looks wrong,which I apologise for! Most merchants should at some point be automatically reviewed, at which point we will fix things like this. If you’d like to speed up that process, just send us some feedback via the new feedback form and we will update it more quickly. :dash:

In general, the information we get about merchants varies considerably. When we have enough information to show you an exact location, we will. However, there are times when certain branches, and this is the case for Boots, all come through to us with the same postcode. Since we can’t distinguish between the different branches, we show you a more zoomed out map. Unfortunately in this situation, even if you provide us with the postcode we can’t update it, because it would incorrectly update all of the other Boots branches too! :scream:

Hopefully that answers your questions and let’s you know some of the issues we are trying to work around. :boom: