Incorrect map locations

Looking back on my transactions in May for a trip to Cyprus. All my transactions show on the map as one location (the same location each time) regardless of where they actually were.

Have you reported this in the in-app chat?

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Not as yet now. I shall do now though

I live in Exeter (Devon) :sunglasses::palm_tree:

Bought a Stagecoach bus ticket to Dawlish.

Map shows Dundee, Scotland :sweat_smile:

BUT Stagecoach Head office :office: is in Stockport, SK1 3SW :flushed:

In app report sent to staff to fix it :relieved:

Actually Stagecoaches head office is in Perth. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’ll be the address that their card machine is registered… I don’t think there is much Monzo can do about it…

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We also have Stagecoach office in Exeter too :relieved:

So I just follow their provided info on their emails :point_up_2:

There’s no point reporting something that can’t be changed, the merchant had provided that information. Monzo can’t do anything about that.


Also just to add let’s see the string which the retailer provided for that transaction, it’s conveniently missing :sweat_smile:

This is the result of a trip in Yorkshire, as you can see it’s billed to Aberdeen. Not an issue as it’s cut and dry that First are all over the place, plus I know logically I used a First bus regardless of the location which pops up.

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