Manually enable Biometrics Locking/Unlocking on some Android phones

Hey all!

I saw someone else post a work around for adding security to the app and realised i’ve got my own to share too!

As far as I’m aware, this will only work with the latest Samsung phones as they come with a secure folder, but other platfroms may have something similar.

What you need to do is…

  • Set up your secure folder, mine uses password or Iris Recognition.
  • Add Monzo as an app when in this folder. (Make sure you delete the one already on your home screen!)
  • You will have to open the app and sign in which involves Monzo sending you that magic email, so you are going to have to sign into email from within this secure folder too as it keeps everything separate. Its like the apps inside the folder wont talk to the ones outside it!
  • Once you have logged into the app, you can add Monzo as a shortcut to your homescreen again. The only difference is, this one will have a little lock symbol in the corner to show its secure.
  • Whenever you go to open it now, it will ask you for security… Finger print / facial / iris / pin / password

Hope this is useful!


This how you do it on Oneplus 5 (same for 3 and 3T)


Nice how to video, i did have a chuckle at the bluring of the passcode then seeing the big 1 appear outside of it :joy:

At least I tried :grin: don’t think would have mattered if I didn’t blur but editing on phone is bit fiddly

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if you can edit your title…it is Android not Andriod :wink:

Finally a reason for me to enable the Secure Folder option - thanks! :+1: